The BigApps Design Process

The NYC BigApps Blockchain team is convening NYC government agencies to discover their biggest technology hurdles and determine if blockchain is the right solution to address these challenges.

BigApps Big Think

On March 29, 2019, the BigApps team lead a Big Think, an event used to inform program design for the Innovation Challenge. Here, Klee Walsh of Blockchain Educators explains that a successful BigApps means engaging both the public and government stakeholders to galvanize the blockchain community in NYC.

Needfinding & Discovery‚Äč

  • Research on blockchain use cases for the public sector
  • Convene government stakeholders to discover pain points around technology and data management
  • Collect feedback on Challenge Areas

Education Series

  • Government workshops: Educate government stakeholders on blockchain technology and meaningful use cases
  • Public workshops: Educate the public and civic tech communities on blockchain

The Challenge

  • Call for solutions: An open invitation to submit blockchain-based solutions for NYC government challenges where blockchain may be a meaningful solution
  • Cohort selection: The most promising solutions selected by a team of judges to further workshop their solutions with mentors and stakeholders

Demo Day

  • Startups present to an audience of media, investors and government stakeholders


  • Report on Challenge, Demo Day and individual solutions
  • Facilitate public-private partnerships and ongoing incubation of solutions